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Have you ever wondered why some people are successful and others are not? Have you noticed that while some people start with everything and lose it all, others can start with nothing and build a fortune in the blink of an eye?

There are secrets to succeeding personally, and in business - both online or in a traditional business. Over the past year I've invested lots of time and money gathering the best of those secrets together.

I've collected the hottest ideas of dozens of successful people. I've studied their words, listened to their advice and watched what they do. And now I'd like to share some of the hottest ideas I've found with you!

You see one of the first secrets I learnt was from Zig Ziglar. He says:

"You can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people to get what they want."

So I want to help you get what you want. I want to share what I've discovered with you because it may help you to achieve more and because I agree with Zig.

Your journey will be different to mine, but if what I've found may be a help to you, I hope you will accept these gifts from me today.

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by Stone Evans


Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

One of the most comprehensive introductions to making money online, it includes more than 30 time-saving, profit-producing, influence-expanding tools and programs - most of them free!

In it you can discover:

  • Which businesses are succeeding online and why
  • How to set up back-end and cross-selling campaigns to explode your profits
  • How to optimize your website to gain the trust of your visitors
  • How to choose affiliate partners that make you the most money
  • How to launch your own blog for free and earn easy money blogging online
  • How to create hot software products even if you have no programming experience
  • Why having a positive mental attitude is your greatest online business asset
    And much more ...

325 pages - pdf ebook

by Dan Kennedy

63 Killer Marketing Strategies

Marketing guru Dan Kennedy has collected his 63 very best "knock-out punch" marketing ideas, principles, strategies and secrets, all in one place, each condensed and summarized in just a few paragraphs. You can apply these ideas in your online or traditional business, whatever you do.

Use it as a 63 point checklist every time you:

  • write a sales letter
  • create advertising
  • plan a sales presentation
  • evaluate advertising created for you by others
    on promoting any product or service or business or idea
  • put together a direct-mail campaign
  • create a 'special offer'
  • need to create a surge in your business
  • want to re-activate past customers
  • want to start a new business ...

89 pages - pdf ebook

by Wallace Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich is a prosperity classic, written by Wallace D. Wattles, and published in 1910. Forgotten for decades, it was recently rediscovered. The timeless prosperity principles in this classic will transform your financial future.

As Wattles states in his book, if you practice and apply this science, you will get rich!

64 pages - pdf ebook

by Michael E Angier

The Success Networks Collection - A Compendium of Words to Live By, Thoughts to Ponder and Ideas to Share

Michael Angier has been collecting inspirational stories, poems and quotations for more than 25 years and this beautifully presented ebook includes some of his favorites, old and new.

Uplifting, wise and inspiring, you will want to print out some of these pages as posters, so you can look at them day after day.

33 pages - pdf ebook

by James Allen


As a Man Thinketh

As A Man Thinketh, has inspired millions around the world and been a major influence in the self-improvement industry.

Some say it is responsible for the creation of the entire personal development industry. It is a set of philosophical musings on the power of our thoughts.

Many successful contemporary personal development authors and teachers credit this little book with providing the foundation to their principles.

28 pages - pdf ebook

by Yanik Silver

The Greatest Internet Marketing Secrets

Marketing experts just don't come much more respected than Yanik Silver. Along with Marlon Sanders, Yanik Silver is one of the best known marketing geniuses online.

You'll find incredible marketing strategies that have stood the test of time. Apply these truly effective proven techniques to your online marketing and watch your business grow.

This little book describes his favorite sales tactics. Don't miss it. It is a real "eye-opener!"

It includes Full Resell AND Free Give Away Rights (valued at $195) so you can also sell it or give it away to your clients or customers, if you wish.

20 pages - pdf ebook

by Paul Lemberg and Tom Matzen


Earn Twice as Much with Half the Stress -
The fastest way to retire wealthy building the business of your dreams.

This book is for self-employed people or those who are planning to build a business, online or offline. It offers hands-on ideas, strategies and tactics, complete with action steps and implementation plans, for how to add the systems to your business that are essential to easy success.

And it's the only one with a 'catch'! All the authors ask is that, if you find value in reading it, you make a small donation to their Foundation to help finance micro-lending programs for entrepreneurs in developing countries. It's your choice.

202 pages - pdf ebook

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